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Outta My Head

Editorial #11: "Turning 50"

I honestly couldn't have foreseen this milestone.

I mean, yes, one would think that sooner or later, the 2099 UnderGround Revised fanfiction group would release fifty issues across various titles, but honestly, this was never really a foregone conclusion, for a variety of reasons.

First, early on in 2099UGR's run, our DigitallyMystic.com domain went belly-up, taking 2099UGR and a lot of similar sites with it. 2099UGR was one of the ones that managed to survive by moving to a different domain (Mike Shirley's FadingHorizon.com), but it was still a scary time.

Second, Mike's life became increasingly hectic, to the point where he eventually had to step down as Editor In Chief. There was a month or two where we weren't sure we were going to pull out of that, either.

Third, I stepped in to the EiC position, but I was a complete newbie. I hosted the site on my Tripod webspace (of which I'm STILL in the process of moving out), and I tried desperately to make it look like I knew what I was doing. If not for hand-picking Jason McDonald as my assistant, and if not for Mike's advice during the first year of my tenure, I'd have completely sunk 2099UGR.

Fourth, we've had scheduling and release problems, causing us to adopt a bimonthly schedule for ongoing series. That schedule is much less frequent than most other sites, so it takes us longer than most sites to produce a certain amount of material.

Fifth ... ah, enough of that. Let's just say that we've had to fight tooth and nail to survive this long. It's been a labor, but ultimately it's a labor of love. The experience of being a part of 2099UGR has taught me that one gets out of something exactly what one puts into it. It also taught me to rely on a sense of community, and that this site couldn't have been possible without its contributors. So I'd like to thank:

Mike Shirley, for getting UGR rolling, and for being a great editor, mentor, and friend.

Jason McDonald, my wingman this past year. I truly couldn't have EiCed without a minion -- er, partner and crime. You're not just a great editorial and writing partner, Jason, you're also my best friend.

John Bush, for enthusiastically taking the reins to X-Men 2099UGR. You've been one of the mainstays of 2099UGR, and you've improved by leaps and bounds.

Chris Munn, for writing an awesome Ghost Rider 2099UGR. Too bad the series didn't work out, but don't be a stranger. You were around for the beginning.

Justin Karguth, for a fun story in 2099UGR Unlimited.

Bowie Sessions, for putting your own awesome spin on Daredevil 2099UGR. You're already a big name in this neck of the fanfic woods, and you're only going to get bigger.

Dave Golightly, for the S-Man issue of 2099UGR Unlimited. You took an idea I've had, and you ran with it capably. It was nice having you in the group.

Dino Pollard, for being willing to contribute to UGR with the Punisher 2099UGR mini.

Brent Lambert, for a thoughtful review of each of the inaugural 2099UGR issues. Straight out the gate, you let us know we were on the right track. And I'm looking forward to your contribution to the 2211 one-shot.

Derrick Ferguson, for taking the time to read my Fantastic Four 2099UGR mini-series and posting such a great review on the HEROES list. When such a well-known writer gives such glowing praise, people take notice.

Rena Paradox, for being such a great fan of 2099UGR. Your letters to Fantastic Four 2099UGR have made the experience that much more enjoyable, and your enthusiasm knows no bounds. Great to see that you've been inspired to write, and I'm glad that you're writing for 2099UGR (specifically 2211). I can't wait to say, "I knew her when..."

To anyone else I've forgotten, and to the readers of the 2099UGR issues, thanks for your interest and support! Here's hoping this group continues to tell stories for at least 50 more issues!

David Ellis, Editor-in-Chief